Picks for 9/2/2022

AES - AES made a "golden cross" on 9/1 and the daily candle made a bullish engulfing candle.

In addition the Bullish Engulfing candle closed above the (weekly) descending trend line of the triangle.

OBV crossed above its 9 day EMA and the 13 day FI recently crossed zero suggesting momentum is accelerating.

Stop: 2XATR ($24.59)

Target: $28.89 (prior resistance)

WMT - Price has made higher highs and higher lows since May and filled the gap in recent days

The current candle has broken the longer term up trend line (weekly) and the .23 fibonacci level.

target: $150

CAH - The flag pattern and engulfing candle are both very bullish signals.

In addition the MACD histogram is rising, suggesting momentum is increasing and a MACD crossover is imminent.

OBV confirms the recent price action.

Both the short term FI (2) and long term FI (13) are recently positive showing a good entry point and confirmation of the trend.

Finally, the most recent candles tested multiple Fibonacci levels managing to close above the .78 level.

Target: $79, $91

Also watching: SBUX, BABA, DCPH, DQ

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