Picks for 7/21/21

CERC - I like the test of the 200 MA after the May to June run up. The current price is near the 3month POC line and also the 200MA which in my opinion make this a low risk entry.

Also the MFI ( Money Flow Index) divergence from the price is a bullish signal. MFI rising while price is dropping.

I will keep a close eye on price to hold between the POC line and the 200MA. A drop bellow may signal a drop to the $2 range.

Target: $3.70, $4.50 in the short term.

WTER - Price has been consolidating near the .78 fib level for a few days and yesterday's bullish candle tested resistance at 1.68. The MACD is crossing and I feel that a break of 1.68 with volume will send this higher.

Target $2.20

PAE - This has moved as anticipated since I picked it a few days ago. Yesterday it closed above the descending trend line. I feel this could be the start of a break out.

Also watching: PPBT, NLST, HDVY, CFMS, SPRT

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