Picks for 7/2/21

NLST - Looking to add at 3.37-3.67 after the monster 86% five day rally and a 90 RSI . I believe NLSTwill pop to $4.15 before retracing to that level 3.37-3.67. If it can hold the trend line and consolidate the rally will power on.

But I think at some point in the near term it is more likely than not to close the gap down to the 2.60 range which is also between the .78 and .61 fib levels. This would be an ideal level to add in my opinion.

Of course one PRcould change everything.


SLS - SLS was sold off hard the last two days despite positive news. The current price has acted as both support and resistance in recent months (shaded area).

With an RSI of 38 and the price well bellow the POC line (90 days) I think 9.08 may have been the bottom. I think the drop had more to do with large investors rebalancing for the 2nd half of the year than anything else.

I would like to see the price close above the 50SMA to enter for a long swing trade.

Targeting 12.89 in the short term.

Also watching: PLTR, SEEL, VERI, MRKR, BKEP

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