Picks for 7/1/21

BKEP - Yesterday's candle tested the 50 SMA (close enough) and also tested the .5 fibonacci level. In addition the MACD is curling up and the RSI is still relatively cool. In the longer term it has made higher highs and higher lows since March when it initially hit my screener. It looks like it wants to break higher. Looking for a break of 3.81 to consider a swing entry. Targeting $4, $4.26

Also watching: NLST, CSLT, QCOM, PLTR and SLS

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Picks for 7/27/21

AMS - With a float of only 3.25M AMSis setting up for a parabolic spike. Price opened with a slight gap up to close above the .23 fib level and above the trend line on the daily. It also managed to

Picks for 7/26/21

MITO - MACD is curling up for a cross and Friday's candle closed above the .23 fib level making a bullishhammer . Also Friday's candle broke out of the wedge . The RSI is still on the low side. I'd