Picks for 6/30/21

AXL - AXL looks to be oversold with an RSI of 40. The .5 fibonacci level (10.25) appears to be a reasonable support level since it was tested 3 times in the last 8 trading days.

Looking for it to hold 10.25. First target 11. 05, 11.61

Also watching: NLST, DAKT, QCOM

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Picks for 7/29/21

INVA - Looks like it wants to break out of its wedge and it closed above the .78 fib level. Possible resistance at $14.01. Target: $15.17 CFMS - Possible retrace/bounce off $1.35. Target $1.62, $1.94

Picks for 7/27/21

AMS - With a float of only 3.25M AMSis setting up for a parabolic spike. Price opened with a slight gap up to close above the .23 fib level and above the trend line on the daily. It also managed to