Picks for 6/25/21

Russell rebalancing and the infrastructure deal should make for a big day in the markets today. Watching some names that are being added to the index today:


CVM - Short term trend lines are crossing over as did the MACD . The RSI is still low considering the move up in the last week or so.

Yesterday's candle tested 3 fibonacci levels to close near the hod and above the .61 fib level. In addition the current price is still relatively close to the POC line (YTD)

I anticipating a strong move to the upside based on the chart and also in anticipation of data release.

Short term target: 27.86

**Disclosure: this is my favorite stock and I am long AF**

BRN - This moved as anticipated and broke and closed above the descending trend line. With a super low float this could really spike with some volume.

MRKR - This has been a beast since I picked it on 5/21 and after a pullback it managed to close above a key fib level (0 at $3.17) and looks ready for its next leg up. Looking for $3.55 in the short term.

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