Picks for 6/24/21

BRN - Yesterday's candle closed above the descending trendline and tested the .382 fibonacci level ($3.19). The RSI is still cool and the MACD is curling up. 9ema is crossing the 20ema and $2.85 looks like support. Looking for a strong move over $3.19 to consider a long swing trade. Float is tiny, use caution.

Targeting the fib scale: $3.46-$4.63 short term.

PLTR - Has had a nice move up and has exceeded my price target since I picked it on 5/27. Looking for the rally to continue. Next target: $27.40

SLS - This has exceeded my price target since I picked it on 6/8. I am upping my target in the short term to $15.23


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Picks for 12/7/21

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Picks for 12/6/21

AAPL, WBA, SXOOF NLST - Market overreaction to the case vs Samung may create an opportunity to add shares.

Picks for 12/3/21

CDEV - It looks like it could be in the early stages of a reversal as the most recent candle tested the 200 sma and closed above the .50 fibonacci level. A tight stop is necessary until the reversal