Picks for 6/16/21

DAKT - This has been moving up steadily since the first time I picked it in 12/20. Currently it looks to be setting up to retest the prior high of 7.23. Price closed above the .78 fib and the RSI and the MACD are looking good.

Resistance: 7.23

Targets: 7.23, 7.95, 8.55

VREX -Yesterday price was green on an otherwise red day. It managed to close well above the .618 fibonacci level and also the descending trend line .

It may want to pullback briefly to the 26.64 level to consolidate but it looks like that would be part of the broader up trend.

Target: $28.94, 32.66

Also watching: TRCH, PUBM, MRKR, PLTR, CVM, KTRA

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