Picks for 5/3/21

Premarket is looking green. First day of the trading month could present some opportunities as institutional traders maneuver their positions.


AEZS - The 9 ema is crossing the 20 ema and the current price is at the YTD POC line. The MACD crossed a few days ago . I would like to see it hold $1.03 for a long swing to: $1.45 and $1.87

WNC - WNCis over sold with and RSI of 38. I like the double bottom at 17.42 and the proximity to the YTD POC. I think this is close to support . Id like to see it hold 17.42 for a swing trade.

target: 18.61, 19.36

TK - Looks like this could be testing support at $3.21 for a bounce higher.

Also watching: CVM, CERC, NLST, JMIA, SB, GNK

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