Picks for 5/21/21

INTC - I typically don't buy mega caps but I like the chart here and names like INTC that fall out of favor seem to make big come backs with some good news.

With an RSI of 41 INTCis clearly over sold. In addition the price has consolidated near the 200SMA for several days and the macd crossed.

I like the slight gap up yesterday to close above the 9ema

Targeting 57.66 then looking for it to move up the fibonacci scale.

MRKR - The 9ema is crossing the 20 ema and the MACD just crossed. I'd like to see the price break the .50 fibonacci level to enter for a long swing.

Target: 2.74, 2.99. 3.30

EDAP - This moved as anticipated yesterday and I will add with a stop at the 200SMA.


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