Picks for 4/5/21

TGB - Looks like TGB is ready to head higher after some consolidation around the 50sma.

The 9ema recently crossed the 20ema and today's candle managed to close above the .5 fibonacci level.

Also I like the MACD curling up about to cross and the the proximity of today's close to the ytd POC line.

1st target $1.96

2nd target 2.09

CLPS - CLPS looks like it wants to go higher after consolidating at the 50 SMA and testing the .23 fib level. MACD should cross soon. Low float and can make big moves.

1st target 6.35

2nd target 9.42

IDEX - I like the confluence of the indicators coming together in the shaded area.

The last candle had a nice gap up and was able to close above the .23 fibonacci level while breaking out of the descending weekly trend line .

Finally, the MACD crossed and the price is closed just bellow the POC line YTD. I believe this is a low risk entry.

Target: $3.94, $5.53

RBBN - MACD crossing and the price closed over the .23 fibonacci level.

Current price is bellow the poc and it broke out of the weekly descending trend line .

first target : 8.94

second target: 9.39

Also watching: CVM, MFH, GSKY, BBDC, MFH, CDEV

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