Picks for 4/15/21

Looks like a green open on all the major indices. I will be watching:

GSKY - I like the consolidation over the last few weeks at the $6.08-$6.30 levels and also the proximity to the POC line (YTD). Yesterday's candle tested the .5 fib level and closed just above the 50MA. I think this is a low risk entry point and will but for a long swing on the break of $6.31

Targeting: $6.54. $6.88 $7.31

APEN - Watching for a break of $5.51 for a potential swing trade.

STIM - Possible trend reversal to the upside.

Also watching: VERI, PNNT, CDEV, TGB, CVM, JMP, NLST

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