Picks for 3/22/21

CVM - CVMf ell victim to a short attack triggered by a tweet from aging Biotech Blogger/ Biotech Hitman Adam Feuerstein on Friday.

This brought the price down to the 0 fibonacci level which is in close proximity to the $16.60 support level . Despite the heavy selling volume CVM tested key levels $16.83, $16.60 to close higher.

The RSI is oversold and price is bellow the POC line which represents the price where the most shares were traded (YTD). 70% of shares traded YTD were traded above the current price. I anticipate a bounce to $23.74 short term. Long term $150

Disclosure: Long AF CVM and its my favorite stock

MEIP - MACD is curling up for a cross and the 9ema is crossing the 20ema. Last candle showed strength and closed just bellow the 50% fibonacci level which is resistance. Looking for a break of $3.90

Short term target $4.58

CODI - Most recent candle tested 3 fibonacci levels and the descending trend line to close just under the .61 Fib level. Also the MACD is going to cross any time now. In addition the proximity to the YTD POC line seems to make this a low risk entry. Considering an entry over $24.64

Target $25.94

Also watching: FEIM, DSX, BXRX, CSLT, BORR, SIFY

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