Picks for 2/9/21

Watching some new tickers today.

INUV - INUV gapped up yesterday to close at the .382 fib level at $1.65. The MACD is also also about to cross. In addition the RSI is still on the the cool side and the current price is near the POC line making this a low risk entry. Looks like its gapping up premarket (2/9/21) I think over $1.78 this takes off. $2.35 target

APWC - APWC tested the .618 fibonacci level and closed above it while making an "inside bar pattern" IMO this should break out today. Looking for a break of $7.83 for confirmation. This could dip to $7.08 level before moving higher

TGB - TGB is offering a low risk entry at this level. The current price is close to the POC line ($1.31), the MACD is freshly crossed and the RSI is still cool. Yesterday's gap up to close above the .5 fibonacci level is very bullish . I want the price to pass $1.47 to avoid a "double top" and will enter at that point for a long swing to $2.18

RYAM - I was a bit early calling this on 2/3 the set up looks better after testing the 38 and 50% fibonacci levels.

FPRX - This has moved as anticipated since my call on 2/3 and is at a critical breakout point. This one could see an intense rally over $21.04 into the $25 range.

Also watching:

UTSI, AMRX, COCP, OI, TK for continuation rally.

CVM for moves up in to data release.

VERI and AMPE for more upside.

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