Picks for 2/4/21

OI - I like the consolidation in the last month. The current price is right above the POC for the last month which should make this a low risk entry. The most recent daily candle tested the 23 and 38% fibonacci levels to close above the 38% fib level. Id like to see it close over 13.33 to enter for a run at resistance at 13.59

First target 13.96

Second target 14.4

Swing target 17.85

RYAM - MACD crossing over as is the 9 ema over the 20 ema. Id like to see it hold the 8.65 level. First target 9.29 Swing target: 12.53. Be aware earnings are scheduled to be reported 2/4

TK - MACD is curling up and the most recent candle closed above the 50% fibonacci level after testing the 61% level. Also the rsi is rising but still relatively low.

1st target 2.89

2nd target 3.38


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