Picks for 2/23/2022

QQQ- Price recently tested its recent low of $334 and closed above it. The most recent candle, however is bearish . The volume for that candle was less than half of the volume of 1/24 when it made the new low which suggests that investors/traders were less enthusiastic about buying the dip.

In addition we see the ADX displaying a strong negative trend at 30 as the D- continues to climb.

If the double bottom at 334 does not hold QQQ appears to be headed much lower. 271.78 could be in play depending on global news and inflation .

Also watching:

SXOOF - Watching the .24 level for a possible add.

VERI - This could make for a good day trade if the QQQs stay green today.

SOFI - Price hasnt been this low since the IPO, may be a good place to add long term.

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