Picks for 2/2/21

Looks like a green day premarket. I will be watching some familiar names today.

CVM - $CVM On the 55 minute chart it looks like a break out of the bullish pennant with a relatively cool RSI (63.8). Zooming in to the 13 minute chart the uptrend is more distinct. The green arrow is a reference point 55m to 13m. The fibonacci levels on the 13 minute chart are the next likely targets, with no resistance in sight.

The red POC (point of control line) represents where the most shares have been traded. In this case it is set from 1/27 at 9:30 to EOD2/1 also the volume bars that are not shaded represent 70% of trading volume for the same period. 18.44-29.46 is where 70% of shares traded.

I see no reason why this does not return to previous highs. It will all depend on volume .

disclaimer: This is my favorite stock and my biggest position.

ARLO - MACD cross on the daily and a massive green candle yesterday that took out 2 fibonacci levels and tested a third. The RSI is a bit high so I will cautiously enter above $10.15 with a 1st target of $10.93. I will use a relatively tight stop here.

UTSI - Yesterday's candle tested the 50% fibonacci level and closed at the 30 day POC . In addition the 50 sma is going to be crossing the 200 sma any day now making a "golden cross". It may see resistance at 1.99 but I will enter over 1.90

TRIB - This has moved as anticipated since I picked it on 1/19 and looks like it may continue its move up.

Also watching:

CDMO for a continuation move.

SVMK looks like its setting up.

GTEC over $7.50 could make moves higher

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