Picks for 12/9/20

Watching some new names and some of the same.

VERI and JMIA continue their march upward and I am sticking with both as swings and intraday trades until they quit. I am looking for approximately $43 for VERI by the end of year and $49 for JMIA.

AMPE has been on fire and I am also sticking with it.

CVM - after a big run yesterday the company announced a 1M share offering after hours. I would like to see it hold $14.51 today and if so I believe it continues its rally through the end of the year. This is my largest position and I will add to it after it settles.

CEMI - Still very bullish on CEMI and I like the setup today. I think over 6.84 it retests its previous high.

CNDT - I recommended this several times since September as a swing trade and it has moved in the right direction. Yesterday it was named as one of the the small caps to watch for 2021 by Investopedia.com This could bring in new buyers and send the stock higher

WWR, EGAN, ODT on watch and finally I am watching KZIA after positive Phase 1 data. This has a very low float and may spike.

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