Picks for 12/7/20

I am watching some new tickers today:

CMCM - I like the chart here. Chinese stocks have been rallying lately and CMCM has a history of being a high flyer. I like that it closed over $2.14 which is the .23 Fibonacci level and would like to see it break the .382 level as well which is also very close to the 200MA. I will go long for a swing over $2.22

EGAN - This might be my favorite chart currently. I like the pin bar that closed above the .61 Fibonacci level and also the recent MACD cross on the daily chart . Also, the proximity to the 200MA gives me confidence that EGANhas bottomed out at $10.57 and should start a prolonged rally and eventually get back to previous levels.

Targeting $12.20 then $13.05

I will continue watching VERI and JMIA for intraday trades in addition to holding my core position. They have been too strong to ignore. Still holding my CEMI swing and also watching ODT which is a recommendation given to me on StockTwits by @westcoastcrippler. I like the chart setup there. NLST, AMPE, ADIL, TEDU, LCTX, WWR on watch.

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