Picks for 12/4/20

Watching some new tickers this morning in addition to some picked previously.

I am watching:

XTNT - Watching this for a potential swing trade. I like this chart. The MACD is crossing and yesterday there was a small gap up to open. I like the multiple bottom in early November around the $1.10 range which established support. I would like to see it break $1.42 to enter for a swing.

$1.62 first target

$1.79 second target

EMKR - I picked this on 12/2 and it has moved as expected. I am going to stick with this one for a swing.

I am also closely watching:

CEMI. I added to my swing position in the premarket after it sold off heavily. The sell-off was due to a response from the FDA that states: "THAT THE FDA HAS DETERMINED THAT REVIEW OF IGM/IGG EUA REQUEST IS NOT A PRIORITY" In my opinion, the sell off is not justified.

BCRX - BioCryst Announced FDA Approval of ORLADEYO™. This may offer some intraday trading opportunities.

VERI and JMIA continue to look strong and will likely present intraday opportunities. ADIL and EGAN still on watch.

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