Picks for 12/23/20

I am looking for some of my favorite names to rally today in addition to some new picks that are on my radar.

VERI & JMIA have both been on major hot streaks. Both should offer intraday scalping opportunities.

SOLO - Did not move yesterday but it is still in play for a break out over $7.58

GLYC - This is new to my watch list. I really like this chart. The MACD cross and yesterday's candle closing over the 38% fib level is very bullish . Also, the proximity to the POC line (red) looks like a low-risk entry. Looking for $4.25, $4.44, and $4.72 in the short term.

TMDI - I like that yesterday's candle closed well above the 23.6% fib level and the MACD is about to cross. I'd like to see the price break above the POC line ($1.56) for a rally.

1st target $1.68

2nd target $1.77

3rd target $1.98

AMPE - looks like it could continue its monstrous run today.

CVM - Data should be presented anytime now and it's setting up for a run, likely to new highs.

Also keeping ADTX, CERC, and MGI on watch.

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