Picks for 12/15/20

Watching some old and new stocks this morning. Two of my picks from yesterday moved as predicted and could have some more room to run.

DAKT - This stock had a good run yesterday on higher than average volume. It broke and closed above its prior high of 4.85. This is very bullish and I think the next target is $5.15

XERS - This one moved as planned a few days ago when I mention it was bouncing off its 200 MA. I like the chart here as multiple indicators are pointing to the upside. The MACD is crossing and the RSI is rising but still on the cool side.

Looking at the Volume Indicator (Fixed Range) Sept 1 to Current you can see that the POC line in red (point of control) shows us that most of the trading volume has been at the current level and 70% of XERS trading volume has been in the 3.95- to 5.70 range. Finally the price closed just under the 23% fibonacci level of 4.68I think XERS offers a low risk entry at this level for a swing trade. First target $5.14 2nd target $5.50

This is one of my stocks to watch for 2021

WTRH - This is a solid lockdown play and as more states ban indoor dining WTRH is going to increase business. The chart looks like WTRH is offering a low risk entry at the current level. The volume profile (fixed) from 9/1 to current is showing that most shares in that period have been traded at the current level (Red POC line) also the price closed at the .38% fibonacci level after testing the 50% level. The RSI is under control and the moving averages are all currently in line : 9ema above the 20ema, 50MA above the 200MA which means the uptrend is continuing. In the short term I am looking for this to move up the fibonacci scale with a first target of $4.10 and then to its most recent high of $4.60

ISNS had a nice run yesterday and may continue today as the MACD is crossing but again this is extremely low float and can be extremely volatile. Trade cautiously.

I am also watching: SENS, I like the chart. IDEX which looks to have made a double bottom after its recent move down (very bullish) and HYRE for a break out over $7.50. Finally VERI is on watch for a bounce after testing the 9ema and CVM which is presenting at LD Micro Conference today with a recent data lock and data from their phase 3 study imminent.

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