Picks for 11/19/20

My screeners have been full of oil and gas names recently. With that said I am watching some names in that space for hit and run type trades since I usually do not get involved in energy stocks.



Use caution with this one because its float is tiny at 4.2M. I really like the set up here and it could skyrocket with some volume. $1.34 first target, possibly to $1.99


Looking for a swing trade entry here. Should break thru the descending trendline.


Had some fun with this chart. I like how it closed at the crossroads of the ascending and descending trendlines which also coincides with the 9ema 1.35 first target.

Still sticking with WTRH given the worsening pandemic, VERI & JMIA are too strong to ignore and CRVS looks like it could bounce off the 50 SMA. I am giving LQDT another 10 cents before I stop out at 8.89.

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