Picks for 11/18/21

DPLS - DPLS rallied hard over the summer and made a series of higher lows starting in late July before making a double bottom on 8/9+10/27. DPLSconsolidated for a couple weeks before breaking above the .23 fibonacci level (.098) and bringing us to the most recent candle, a broad green candle that closed above the .5 fib level. The most recent candles tested the down trend line (weekly) and closed just under it.

The ADX is showing a growing trend (in its early stage) and the 9ema recently crossed the 20ema.

Technical indicators on top of a positive SH meeting look to be lining up for a strong move to the upside.

Targeting: .28 in the short term.

SXOOF - We have a MACD cross and a broad green bullish engulfing candle at the most recent close. The ADX and DI+ are both signaling a strong uptrend.

Targeting: .47 in the short term.

Also watching: TGA, NLST, VERI, JMIA

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