Picks for 10/9/20

I will be watching CVM today for the continuation of the rally to $16 and also VERI as it has been rallying recently. Also watching PRPH if it can hold 6.01 it may take off (very very low float proceed with caution).

XERS, STIM, and CNDT are still in play for swing trades. I am in all three.

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Picks for 12/7/21

CNDT - MACD is crossing and the price has consolidated for several days at the 4.96 level, which has acted as a key support/resistance level in the past. The most recent candle tested the uptrend lin

Picks for 12/6/21

AAPL, WBA, SXOOF NLST - Market overreaction to the case vs Samung may create an opportunity to add shares.

Picks for 12/3/21

CDEV - It looks like it could be in the early stages of a reversal as the most recent candle tested the 200 sma and closed above the .50 fibonacci level. A tight stop is necessary until the reversal