Picks for 1/22/21

Premarket is looking ugly with the Dow down 234. I think it would be wise to trade with caution today as general market conditions do not look great.

I will be watching some of my recent picks but not much in terms of new names.

GMDA - Has retraced to the POC line and might be a good point to add.

AMPE - Ended green yesterday and closed with a pin bar candle.

TMDI - Managed to hold most of its gains yesterday after +52% day the day prior. Looks like an inside bar setup that could move up again.

INOD - Looks like the trend is still intact.

KYN - Could be a good adding point at $6.50ish

XERS - I am long XERS and will add if it pulls back today.

MVIS - Small position started this week. Looks like it could advance.

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