January 9th Weekend Edition

I get emotionally attached to my high conviction stocks. Every expert will tell you thats wrong but for me its the only way. When I am really in to a stock my focus is like a laser beam. I dont have many high conviction stocks so my passion is directed at only a few stocks at a time.

Currently VERI is one of those stocks. VERI and CVM are my favorite stocks. They represent 2/5 of my buy and hold stocks.

I think VERI is set to make a run to new highs. It looks like the momentum is really picking up in my opinion. When they turn a profit which could be in a few quarters this stock will go crazy.

With the MACD about to cross and a relatively cool RSI VERI is set to make new highs. In addition the ADX and MFI are showing positive signals. I will go ahead and say we see $41.82 this week and $43 shortly after some consolidation. Don't get me wrong nothing goes up in a straight shot. No doubt there will be pull backs along the way but in my opinion VERI is one to buy, add and hold for years to come. I believe it will double this year and in the long run it will be a tech power house or absorbed by Google or Microsoft.

I am long VERI and plan to be forever. I trade around a core position for swing trade profits.

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